Work in my lab incorporates methods and ideas from a variety of disciplines (including biomechanics, paleontology, phylogenetic comparative methods, evolutionary biology, etc.) to explore how the laws of physics influence evolutionary patterns and processes. I am not focused on any particular organism or clade, so there is freedom to work on the group most appropriate to the question.

The Anderson lab is located in the Department of Animal Biology within the School of Integrative Biology at UIUC and is also an affiliate of the Beckman Institute with the potential for lab members to utilize their bio-visualization resources. The lab also has connections with labs in the School of Engineering at Illinois, offering the potential for collaborations between biologists and engineers.

Prospective graduate students interested in experimental and/or theoretical biomechanical analysis, comparative evolutionary biology, paleobiology or any combination of the three should contact me directly by email (andersps@illinois.edu) to discuss opportunities for working in my lab. Graduate students will have the opportunity to develop their own project relevant to the general themes of the lab and will be encouraged to branch out beyond the specific groups or questions currently being worked on.

Both M.S. and Ph.D. students are accepted through the Department of Animal Biology (granting a degree in "biology").

I am interested in recruiting postdocs with a wide range of backgrounds, from biology to paleontology and engineering. Postdocs will be expected to develop collaborative projects with me that will help move their careers forward and contribute to the overall objective of the lab. Postdocs will also have the opportunity to gain experience mentoring graduate and undergraduate students in the lab. Individuals are expected to apply for external funding. Interested candidates should contact me directly (andersps@illinois.edu).